From caring comes courage — Lao Tzu

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In a perfect world there would be no rudeness, offensive behavior, or being unkind to others. Unfortunately that is not the case. We live in polarizing times. Social media feeds off people’s prejudices, biases, fears and other negative emotions.

Bullies are everywhere.
Tempers flare.
Trolls come out to play.

I wish I could cure all bullies — cyber bullies, rude taxi drivers, physical and emotional abusers, mansplainers, toxic co-workers, false friends (freminies), predators, fanatics, cultists, dictators etc.

The list goes on…

People are frequently rude for reasons which have very little to do with you personally. …

Hint: His novel inspired a hit musical starring Anne Hathaway.

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The quote is by Victor Hugo, author of Les Misérables and one of the greatest and best-known French writers of all time.

Kudos if you guessed correctly!

To love beauty is to see light

This quote encapsulates my thoughts on mindfulness as it relates to happiness. To see or discover the beauty within or around us, is to gain insight or “light” giving us hope for the better.

Many people focus on the negative or dark side of life due to their circumstances. Yet in truth we all seek beauty in our daily lives.

Beauty is everywhere — but is…

Sunshine streams through the branches overlooking a river.
Sumida River, Tokyo ©Lucy King

Haiku poem: 小春日和 (Koharubiyori)

Make no mistake passion lights you up!

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If you always see the brighter side of things, you may feel you experience more positive events. You may find yourself less stressed, and even enjoy greater health benefits. This is not your imagination.

Research shows an optimistic outlook has distinct advantages. Optimistic people have better health and live longer. They save more money and are more likely to remarry after a divorce. Optimists have hope. They keep trying. They don’t give up.

Many of us could use a boost in our optimism levels, especially as we age or cope with challenges in our lives. But is it really possible?

When you are true to yourself you can achieve amazing things.

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

I love this quote by Walt Disney. It emphasizes how much “mindset” determines success or failure in life.

And he could be right!

Studies of self-efficacy (self confidence) show many of us hold “self-limiting beliefs” that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

The bottom line seems to be — Judging yourself to be capable of success increases your chances of actual success, while judging yourself as not capable of success reduces your chances of actual success.

As always, it comes down to mindset.

To give a personal example — I…

Sumida River, Tokyo © Lucy King

Haiku poem: 万華鏡 (Mangekyō)

And what you can do about it.

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Birthdays should be happy occasions. Celebrations, being spoilt, and positive experiences are all part of the day. Yet some people dread every time a birthday approaches. Their behaviour changes. They get nervous or even sad. They have the birthday blues.

Does this sound like you? If so, I want to tell you…

You’re not alone.

I have a birthday coming up (cue the candles, streamers, cakes and cheers). Unfortunately a sense of anxiety and dread grows stronger as my birthday approaches. It’s a classic case of what psychologists call birthday depression.

Growing up in a large family birthdays were always…

Unprocessed food is one of the best things you can eat to promote creativity

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Writing can sometimes be hard.

There I said it.

You wait for inspiration that just won’t come. Sometimes it arrives in the middle of the night when you have to get up at 6am for work the next day.

What can you do?

Creativity is not something you can turn on and off like a tap. When the urge strikes you obey. For who knows when it will strike again?

For example, I’ve been pondering the link between creativity and food for weeks. Fast forward to today, I was determined to write this article. After all, creativity is about showing…

Tips for staying positive during the coronavirus.

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My hometown (Melbourne) plunged back into lockdown this week in an effort to curb fast rising COVID-19 infections. As stage three restrictions loom, I ponder the dull reality of being stuck at home for six weeks with reduced contact by friends and loved ones.

“Get a grip,” I tell myself.

Staying positive is harder than it used to be even for the most optimistic people. Coronavirus has affected people everywhere. Entire countries are in quarantine. People are sick. Health services overwhelmed. If you are feeling negative don’t worry — you are not alone.

Together, we’ll get through this.

While it…

Lucy King

Playing at the intersection of mind, spirit and curiosity. Editor of Mindset Matters and Haiku Love (^_^♪)

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